Foreword by Larry Winget



Tommy Zman is truly an obsessive enjoyer of life. Growing up in the bowels of northern New Jersey, parented by an eccentric Polish father and a neurotic Italian mother, what else could this man possibly be other than a humorist?

Zman’s old-school - a throw-back to a time when men were kings of the castle, and smoking a cigar in public didn’t label you an outcast and a pariah. He’s a down to earth guy with traditional values – family and friends are everything, and integrity is all you really have. When it comes to politically correct tyranny & nanny-state government, this defender of the 1st Amendment will draw his sword and swing for the fences.


The Zman’s body of work is as eclectic as it is impressive. He’s been the longtime  

national radio voice for the online retail giant, FAMOUS, where his spots are heard daily on Howard Stern, Mike & Mike, FOX News and NFL Radio. And he’s gathered a faithful following as Editor &  feature writer at Cigar Advisor Magazine.


The CROMAG NATION™ is his testosterone laden Facebook community with a rabid following of guys who love everything manly.

And he’s been a longtime regular guest on Sirius/XM, terrestrial radio & internet shows. 

On the creative side, Zarzecki spent two decades as an advertising and brand exec. He ran a boutique agency outside of Manhattan, servicing world renowned companies like Hertz, American Express, Goodyear, Kodak, Sony, & Time Life. 


author/humorist: tommy Zman zarzecki



​Honey, Does This Make Me Look  Fat?

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Larry Winget - he's the Pitbull of Personal Development ® and a six- time, New York Times / Wall St Journal best selling author who felt so strongly about the need for Tommy Z's book that he gladly agreed to write the opening foreword. 

His first book, Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life catapulted him to fame,

and he followed it up with a slew of best sellers: It's Called Work for a Reason, You're Broke Because You Want to Be, People Are Idiots & I Can Prove It, You're Kids Are Your Own Fault, and his latest in-your-face gem, Grow a Pair. He's a regular on many national news programs on topics of business, parenting, personal finance and personal development.