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Zman is a hard core social media maniac. Follow him for his daily doses of manliness

"Tommy Z is unabashedly unafraid. Unafraid to piss you off. Unafraid to offend you. Unafraid to use words that make you cringe. Unafraid to stand up and fight for what he believes in. Unafraid to make you uncomfortable. But mostly, he is unafraid to make you laugh. 

He also knows that regardless of what men have become and what women believe themselves to be, that neither of them have a clue about how to deal with each other even after thousands of years of trying. Clueless and pitiful – that’s what we are. Tommy takes on that issue & makes it hilarious."

~  Larry Winget  

6 - Time, NY Times & Wall St. Journal  Best Selling Author &

the Pitbull of  Personal Development ®                                         


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​Honey, Does This Make Me Look  Fat?

Brutally honest talk without a shred of pc bs. Do you offend easily? Ha, better grow a pair.

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In your face & over the top, this anti pc humorist will indeed rattle your brain 

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